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RAM Group Inc. was founded in 1994, where later SHIRTSandLOGOS was established by president Rick Marino. Originally started as a graphics company, SHIRTSandLOGOS grew into a premier garment manufacturer utilizing the new process of dye sublimation. This process set a new standard for professional sports apparel across the board and has changed the game of the "custom" garment. All sublimated products are proudly designed, printed, cut and sewn in the USA at the Milwaukee, WI location. SHIRTSandLOGOS is truly the "CREATORS OF THE MOST UNIQUE UNIFORMS ON THE PLANET."

301 W Vogel Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207


Monday - Friday [ 8 am - 5 pm CT ]


T - 414.727.0415

F - 224.330.1661

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